Save the Everglades!

A beautiful sunset over a forest in the Everglades National Park of Florida.

Save the Everglades!


Please support our youth in doing their part to save Florida Bay and the Everglades.

Last year Christopher Ramos a 9-year old at Vineland K-8 in Miami Florida learned about the Everglades in his fourth grade class. Being a nature and animal lover he became very worried about threats to the panthers, manatees and alligators. He came home that day and told his dad that he was going to save the Everglades. He immediately recruited his brothers Paul Michael and Ryan and set out to put up flyers in the neighborhood and organize a bake sale. His dad suggested a charity bike ride instead and after some research they identified The Everglades Foundation as their ideal charity.

Long story short, two months later they had raised $3,700.00 for the Everglades Foundation. Christopher had recruited many of his friends to join the ride and word spread on social media and by word of mouth. Through his efforts many kids learned about the plight of the Everglades and the need to advocate for causes that are important to them.

In reward for his hard work Christopher was honored in front of hundreds of people at a pro Everglades rally in Tallahassee. He was introduced to several influential policy makers and was able to discuss his concerns. Furthermore, he had the opportunity to meet Jimmy Buffet. Ms. Florida, Bill Nye the Science Guy and Superintendent of Everglades National Park Pedro Ramos. Last but not least he met President Obama himself on Earth Day.

Immediately after last year’s bike ride the Ramos Boys decided that in 2016 they would raise money for the Everglades Foundation by Kayaking on Florida Bay. Florida Bay is where the Everglades meets the ocean and at it is a beautiful, one-of-a kind place on earth.  Unfortunately, because of many man-made problems it is struggling and its health is a bellwether for the Evergaldes as a whole.


Paul Ramos Donated $2
Amber Margolis Donated $60
tiki rodriguez Donated $50
Katya Landeiro Donated $100